WordPress Website Development

Sometimes popularity is the answer. With WordPress there are thousands of computer programmers who contribute to the abilities of WordPress as website development software. These programmers write programs which are inserted into your WordPress site and which expand the capabilities of your website. These programs are called Plugins. Some of these programs are free, and some of them cost less than $100 to use. So, the key is to consider all of the things that you need your website to do, and then to go and find the plugins which will work best for you to do these things. There is an online store which the WordPress organization maintains which not only has within it thousands of different plugins, but also ratings for these plugins. Choose the plugins which have the most votes, which have the highest number of positive ratings, and which you can afford. Then these plugins are installed from within the WordPress store which is displayed from inside of the main WordPress program itself. Activate them and then learn how to use them. Or, this is where I come in. I go and find the best ones for you, and then I install them and then I learn how to use them for you. If necessary, I can write up instructions for you to use them.

Some people find WordPress to be easy to use as far as adding their own pages to their own website by adding content including text and images, and so on. But not everyone does. Don't feel bad. We all have our own set of skills that we use to make a living with. Nobody is good at everything. I do know, however, of a few ways to make it easier than normal if you want to try that route. I can also make the changes myself if you choose.

One plugin which you might want to consider is a Website Security Plugin called Wordfence.


This is the most popular security system for WordPress. What it does is it checks for hacking attempts against your website and tries to prevent them. It will periodically go to the computers of the makers of this plugin to update itself so that as hackers learn and change their strategies, this program should keep up with them.

Another plugin which you might consider is one that does automatic backups for you.


I can set this program up for you so that it will every week or whenever you want, make a backup copy of your website to a Google Drive account of yours, or another online storage system, so that if your website for some reason goes down, it can be recovered. But your hosting plan may also have a daily backup system as well. You may want to check into this or have me check for you.

What else can WordPress do? Almost anything that most normal websites can do. Examples include

  • Image Galleries
  • Sliding Banners
  • Selling Products
  • Blogging
  • Contact Forms
  • Show Google Maps
  • Insert YouTube Videos
  • Accept PayPal Donations
  • Present SoundCloud Music
  • And More...

So again you get your WordPress program turned on, and then you insert other programs called Plugins which expand the capabilities of your website to get it to do what you want it to do. Then you use the WordPress program and its plugins to build your website pages with. Or, I help you to do this, or I do it myself following your instructions.