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Website hosting means renting the use of a computer in a warehouse full of many computers. One of these computers hold your website pages and when the visitors to your website visits your pages, their computers grab the page files from one of these rented computers. The company that has the warehouse full of computers is the hosting company. You may pay somewhere between $5 and $25 per month to rent a computer. Everybody has to do this. It's part of the costs of doing business.

I will not hesitate to use the hosting company of your choice, whatever that choice may be. I am here to accommodate you, my client.

If you want my advice about hosting companies then read further. There are countless website hosting companies to choose from. I tend to gravitate toward the older more established ones myself. Two of these are Pair and Lunarpages. My reasoning is that if they have been around this long, then they have been doing something right.

I can with a few exceptions recommend Lunarpages. I have used the Lunarpages website hosting company myself for many years now. They are the company which hosts this website. I have not had any real problems with them. The technical assistance has always been helpful. They offer the usual features as expected. And in addition, their prices are acceptable. Lunarpages is adequate for WordPress and most other kinds of websites. I can put just about any system on them. They also offer Weebly do it yourself websites. Their reliabilty and uptime are good. I can recommend them. They have been in business from 1998 and are well known in the industry. Their current offices are in Anaheim, California. Also they own their own datacenters which are in California as well. I am happy to be a reseller of Lunarpages.

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