Website Editing

They say if it isn't broke then don't fix it. If it is a little broke I will give you a little fix. I will only fix what is broken, a little or a lot.

I like to think of myself a little bit like a car mechanic, I should be able to know enough to make minor repairs or changes, or to add several pages to an existing site. I should also be able to change a paragraph or two, or add or take out an image. I can put in a link to your Facebook page, and it might only cost $50.

I am not going to just try to sell you a new website. I think you can make that determination yourself. Some website pros are not really technicians. We each have a skill set which we use to make a living with. There are a lot of different kinds of website guys out there. Some are better at sales, some at promotion, some at social media, some at graphics and some at mechanics. By mechanics I mean the technical details about what makes a website work. I am in the latter category. Don't let a salesman sell you a new website which they didn't make themselves and which they don't know anything about technically if that approach will not work well for you. Be smart about spending your website budget.