Responsive Website Development

What is a Responsive Website Design? This is a term which means that your website will respond to the size of the screen it is displayed on so that it will be usable on any size of screen, and so that you should not have to zoom in and out over and over again to see and to use it well.

Back in the early days of the internet, I used a system called Lynx, which was so primitive, it could only show text, and it could not show graphics. Then we all had screens which showed images and text, but were kind of small, like maybe a little bit bigger than an old tube TV. As time went on, we could buy Cell Phones, and then really good Cell Phones. Then there are Tablet Computers which are somewhere between large screens and small screens.

So now we have to think about websites which look good on multiple screen sizes.

One approach is to go out and using Google try to find a Responsive Website Template or a Responsive Website Theme and then use that. It might cost $50 or it might be free. Some of these readily plug into WordPress, and some of them into other CMS or Content Management Systems, or some of them may expect an experienced website developer to work them into a full website. By the way, this is how this website was made, if you want to know. I took a free theme and then I worked it into a full website. Do you know how to do that? I now find it to be a routine job. This website is not in WordPress or another CMS, which if you are wise about website development, shows that I have some skills beyond mere installation and editing.

Another approach might be to show me a few sites that you like, which are already out there. I could perhaps then combine the basic ideas following those into a new third site and then to add your images and text to it to make it your own.

Yet a third idea would be to have a graphics designer make a design for you. I could scan that design using my scanner, and then chop up the graphics using a paint program. Then I could using website codes combine those graphics into a responsive design of your liking. Even if there is something unique about that design, chances are that I can find a way to make it work. I am a creative problem solver and enjoy solving unique problems.

My skills are even such that I could take an existing design which is not responsive, and then make it responsive by reworking it using website codes to make it change shape as the screen size changes.