Custom Website Development

What does Truly Custom Website Development mean? What I mean by Custom Website Development is that I don't just learn one system and then try to make that fit into everybody's needs. I can and do go beyond that as the need arises.

How many website development systems exist? Well there may be a thousand of them. If you ever purchased website hosting and then went into the control panel for it, you might have noticed that there are dozens of different systems that you can install from in there. My skills and experience are such that I can use any of them. Or, I could use a CMS or Content Management System which is less popular than WordPress. Maybe you already have a site built in Joomla, and just want to add a few things to it. I can do that. I realize that all of the instructions for building and maintaining the internet are up on the internet, which would be pretty obvious if you think about it. I can read those instructions to figure it out for you. I can even write new instructions for you if you need them. I have good writing abilities.

Another thing is that I can code pages from scratch. Using a simple text editor like Notepad in Microsoft Windows, I can just type codes and text and that will become a web page. Why would that be important? Well, sometimes I have to type these codes into one of the above mentioned dozens of website programs to get it to do something unexpected. Or some of them actually expect the website maker to know these codes to operate some of their functions. One example might be that if you need the text to be bigger because your website system is 10 years old and 10 years ago screens were smaller and small text is even smaller on a smaller screen, then I can enlarge it for you using the website codes. It all depends upon the situation.

What you might want to consider is that your website guy should have good skills. I will tell you that I have good skills. You don't want to be stuck in the middle of website development because your website helper could not figure out how to do something. I will tell you up front what I can and can't do. If I can't do it I will give you your money back. I've seen a lot of small business websites which have empty pages and which are incomplete. I like to complete my sites and don't see why they should remain incomplete. I won't just run away from a job. I take pride in my work.

I am a creative problem solver and have enough experience and skill such that I can usually find a way to make stuff work. If there is a problem I know how to talk to tech support to get stuff fixed.