About Jason As A Developer

The Nuts and Bolts

Websites by Jason Damisch is just me. I have been using computers all of my life and got started when the very first home computers came out. I have been doing website work from about 2005. I have learned the codes that put the words and the pictures up into a webpage. I can hand code a page by just typing the codes or I can use other ways to make a website. I will do what works best for you.

Technician Skills
at Technician Prices

With me you are paying technician prices. With me you are getting technician skills. You are not paying for an Engineer or a Scientist. You get what you pay for. I will match my skills to your work, or I will let you know up front what I can do. I do not want to make you, the User, into a website technician, that is what I am for. Although I may be willing to teach you. I will treat my Customers like Customers and Users like Users. I will not treat my Users like Programmers. I will try to work with you no matter what your skill level or background. I am a website developer who wants to work with you.

Not Just A One Trick Pony

My website solutions run the range from simple informational websites consisting of only three pages, to very large catalog websites listing thousands of items. I can create many different kinds of websites utilizing many different features and capabilities. The best thing to do is to ask me.

I will not outsource my work. I will do everything myself. I want to be engaged in what I am doing. I do WordPress Website Development, Custom Website Development and E-Commerce Website Development. I am here to help!

Locally or Worldwide

I am willing to make house calls. At a certain point you will have to pay for mileage as I drive to you. I am also willing to work over Chat Systems, over the phone, through email, or any way possible. I can receive packages through the mail with your material to put up or I can receive your files through Google Drive. I am willing to consider any way which works best for you. Here is a list of some of the areas I am willing to serve locally for my Website Development Services.

In Navajo County Arizona, Holbrook, Joseph City, Sun Valley, Winslow, Snowflake, Taylor and thereabouts.

Furthermore I want to gain your trust. I am an honest developer as I hope you will discover. Please read this page to learn more about how to protect yourself when looking for a developer or designer.